120 Travel Tips for a Student Budget

120 Travel Tips for a Student Budget

As you have a lot of free time in your hands during college years, you can take advantage and travel before you start working and have limited free time available!

Plus, travelling is the smartest way to spend your money! At a time where you get to decide who you are and what you will stand for, travelling is the best way to explore different norms, cultures, history, manners, and at the same time have a more open-minded approach towards life in general You also get the chance to meet people of different backgrounds and explore beautiful places! You will feel different when you walk into a new country, no matter the books or all the research you have done!

What’s more, you don’t have to get out of your ways to make it happen! There are various possibilities to fund a trip with a smaller amount of money at hand! For this reason precisely, we have gathered over 100 tips to inspire you to book your own college trip and get on the road!

  1. Start off by doing some research
  2. Plan some decent time ahead
  3. Start budgeting your money some months in advance
  4. Find out and learn where to look for good offers
  5. Be flexible with flight dates
  6. Create your first aid kit
  7. Small pocket knives are a keeper
  8. Sign up for a bartending work to cover up for expenses and be able to save a bit of money for your travels if you are going to stay abroad longer
  9. Check out EatWith to let you share food in a local’s home. EathWith offers meals over 150 cities and the prices also include alcohol, which normally would drive the cost up.
  10. Sign up for flight alerts
  11. Evaluate your phone plan
  12. Become a ruthless packer
  13. Find out and use free museum visits and tours
  14. Use public transportation instead of Ubers or Taxis
  15. Cook your own food
  16. Stay away from culinary tourist traps
  17. Go for hostels
  18. Or try Airbnb – rent people’s apartments or homes – almost same price as hostels, although you can bring the price down by staying in farther-out locations – instead of city-centers
  19. Buy local travel cards and discount cards
  20. Find a good international phone company
  21. Cook meals and pack lunches
  22. If you can find a travel partner to split your luggage and costs – do it
  23. Fresh change of clothes on
  24. Have copies of important documents
  25. Stash your cash, don’t keep it all in one place
  26. Consult with your bank, even if they do not have any travel or student discounts, at least they can let you know about any partner banks where you will not have to pay extra ATM fees
  27. Why not learn a few words of your travel destination’s language to get by?
  28. Ask others for advice
  29. Compare fare changes well in advance
  30. Check out family-run businesses for better food and prices
  31. Try to avoid big cities
  32. Try the flea market for cheaper local products
  33. Buy coupons – stash, stash, and stash!
  34. Check well before booking rooms (if there are no photos of the room – it’s a scam)
  35. Check out the cheapest airlines like: EasyJet, FastJet, indiGo, Peach, Norwegian and so forth
  36. Buy good sneakers before hitting the road
  37. Don’t carry much cash on you!
  38. Avoid touristy restaurants and almost all touristy things and places
  39. Picnics save money
  40. Order what’s in season!
  41. Look up friends, relatives, and contacts in the visiting countries
  42. Pay with cash, not credit cards
  43. Get a grip of all student discounts
  44. Consider wrapping duct tape around a pen – fix and write!
  45. Travel through Europe on a train – passes are way cheaper than flights
  46. Get cheaper beer in food joints
  47. Keep your earplugs in your backpack – survive a noisy city or hostel
  48. You can grab some cheap fast food and save some money – you will burn the calories through walking and touring
  49. Get to know tipping laws before you spend a lot of cash on it
  50. WWOOFing – will make it easy for you to earn a keep and explore while working on farms
  51. Fruit shakes in fruit stands – healthy and cheap
  52. Don’t waste anything on your plate – you will regret later! Take away is key
  53. Use WhatsApp, Viber, Facetime to communicate instead of paying for minutes
  54. Talk to the local people, they know the good stuff
  55. Find local work if you are going to stay for extended periods of time and you will get to know the culture better while earning money
  56. Check out free museum tours
  57. Get your student ID card with you for discounts – hostels, etc
  58. Couch surfing – travel and meet people. Get on it!
  59. Be friendly and chatty, you never know how it will come in handy
  60. Haggling – act like you know what you’re doing
  61. Be organized so you save money!
  62. Swim in the ocean for a cheaper and better adventure
  63. And reading on the beach is for free and fun
  64. Check out inclusive packages – they are usually cheaper and more fun
  65. Take your sunscreen with you – instead of falling victim to tourist prices
  66. Dropbox is free and great to share photos
  67. Bring a phone and use it as your camera
  68. Around me – is a free and handy app to show you the best places to go
  69. Bring your own tablet or laptop with you to the hostel because you may be charged if you use theirs, instead
  70. Over packing will result in baggage fees!
  71. Use a walk through a beautiful park to your advantage and relaxation!
  72. Student credit cards are helpful if you don’t have all the money for your trip
  73. Bring your padlock to hostels
  74. Consider starting a blog to keep in touch with friends and family members
  75. Chamois clothes are cheap – think about it!
  76. Large group-rooms are cheaper than private rooms in hostels! Moreover, you might meet interesting people, you never know!
  77. Never turn down a free handout – it will probably be useful!
  78. Book your trip well in advance and save money to have more fun!
  79. Eurail Pass – fastest and cheapest ways to travel around Europe!
  80. Check with hotel managers before getting on Wi-Fi – they may charge for it!
  81. Instead, go to a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi!
  82. Greece is a beautiful and cheap destination! Or Argentina, the Dominican Republic, India and Egypt!
  83. Avoid summertime and holidays to travel – Go for a cheaper adventure during off-seasons!
  84. Fridays and Saturdays are known to be expensive days to travel!
  85. Search for package deals – they exist!
  86. Volunteering abroad is a productive way to meet people and spend your time
  87. Drinks are cheaper in the hostels you stay
  88. Hostelworld – is great to secure an accommodation, so plan ahead, save money!
  89. One of the coolest things to do is to tour a National Park! Start your hike early and you will not have to pay anything!
  90. Get a free vocabulary lesson through local people
  91. Photo collages are great to document bits of your trip – like: online scrapbook builder
  92. Keep it cool and nice with bartenders – it will be rewarding!
  93. Rent a bicycle instead of joining tours – and cheaper!
  94. Always assume you will be late when travelling – never tell the hostel personnel an exact time of arrival – you may lose your room and be out of deposit money
  95. Use Gogobot – a travel engine to find cheap accommodations
  96. Make a list for things you need to buy – and STICK TO IT!
  97. Use exchange rates to your advantage!
  98. Big cities are always more expensive! Search for a better adventure!
  99. Vegetarian meals are always the cheapest on the menu!
  100. Skype will allow you to call home for less money and better quality!
  101. Use reward flight miles – cheaper than regular flights!
  102. Bring one reusable water bottle – fill it up in safe faucets and save money!
  103. Share a meal with a travel buddy!
  104. Take out larger amounts of money at ATMS and avoid extra transaction costs
  105. Carpooling can be cost-effective and comfortable to travel in a group!
  106. Plan out your To-Do list!
  107. Take advice from other student bloggers and learn from other’s mistakes!
  108. Try new things – that’s the whole point of travelling – to experience!
  109. Always get travel insurance – you will be glad you did!
  110. Make your travel-size toiletries – instead of wasting money to buy them!
  111. Seatguru is great to help you in choosing the cheapest seats on planes!
  112. Don’t forget to bring your own food on flights – not liquids though, they are not permitted!
  113. Trip It travel app – a free tool to plan out your entire itinerary!
  114. Think about joining loyalty clubs – you will save money in the long run!
  115. Don’t bother buying local newspapers – news apps are usually free!
  116. Don’t avoid getting up super early for a cheaper flight!
  117. Don’t waste money on a language/translation book!
  118. Always convert money in banks, not a teller in the airport!
  119. Do not waste money on souvenirs to collect dust!
  120. Flights delayed for more than few hours will be compensated if you are flying within the EU – European Union!
  121. JUST GO – GET ON IT! University/college years are for LIVING!

School breaks are great for exactly these reasons – to blow off steam! Use this time to your advantage, cross a few things out of your bucket-list and create beautiful life stories!

Best ways to start saving money beforehand:

  • Paint your own nails
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Cook your own food
  • Find a side job (babysitting, tutoring, etc.)
  • Walk
  • Don’t buy textbooks in bookstores
  • Enjoy cheap alcohol
  • Divide your money for month/term
  • Borrow clothes from friends
  • Have roommates
  • Better get your own coffee machine

Have a MEMORABLE trip!

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