7 Great Online Education Resources For Self-Learners

7 Great Online Education Resources For Self-Learners

As in many ares of our daily life and in education technology has advanced so much that we turn to our computers and the Internet for free lessons, take classes and learn new things. It’s not just content providers that offer free tutorials for whatever you may be interested at, startups are emerging in different niches to provide interactive learning for anyone for free. Top universities around the world are providing access to watch academic lectures and let’s not forget the likes of TED and 99U that provide insights and ideas that motivate each of us. With so many resources, startups and web sites one can lose track of all them so we present here seven extremely useful free online resources.

1. Codecademy

This startup launched in New York and it is all about getting people of all ages to learn programing. Today having basic programming understanding is an essential skill that everybody should have. Learning at Codecademy is far from boring, with interactive tutorials, coding practices and earning point and badges while you learn a new language or brush up on ones you haven’t talcked in a long time. You can learn programing for the web such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and many others like: Python, PHP and Ruby on Rails. You have tutorials for building mobile applications and access is free with milestones to keep you motivated. Practice makes perfect so code everyday for at least half an hour.

2. W3Schools

Have you ever wanted to make your own website from scratch? Well you can now with W3Schools. Learn the basic blocks of pages that make a web site with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Tutorials are well defined for every property and element of HTML and CSS, you can practice at the site what you have learned and build a website like a pro with JavaScript for adding interactivity to your pages. All the tutorials focus on best coding practices and web standards so your site will appear like you want on all browsers.

3. TED

Watching people from around the world present ideas about a variety of topics will motivate you to be more productive, think like an innovator, boost your creativity and inspire you to do great things. Since the speakers present ideas from their own experience it’s what makes TED such a powerful online resource to get you thinking outside the box and fill you with great ideas. The content is free and in many cities and communities around the world local TED conferences are held (called TEDx) where you can participate as a organizer, speaker or just go there and listen. Be sure not to miss them, a rare opportunity to see what is happening in your community and what can be done to get across obstacles.

4. MIT Courseware

One of the best Universities in the world offers courses for free online at their website called MIT Open Courseware. You can  register for free for any course that is available that will compliment your own studying or the class you are taking now. Their motto is simple: “to publish all of our course materials online and make them widely available to everyone.” according to MIT Professor of Engineering, Dick K. P. Yue. Naturally anyone interested in their major should learn as much as possible about their field of study, not only to get good grades, but to be the best at what you will do after graduation. Learning is a life-long process that doesn’t end after we graduate.

5. Khan Academy

At Khan Academy you can learn almost anything fro free. From Economics, to Computer Sciences and the Humanities. You can also prepare for many tests such as the SAT and GMAT. One of many great things about the Khan Academy is the option to watch courses in your native language. Volunteers from all over the world give their time to translate the course material. After watching a video on a topic you want to know more about you can practice by interactive exams.

6. University of the People

This is the worlds first tuition free University, which awards degrees in many fields. Besides a small enrollment fee you don’t have to pay a cent to view the courses and tutorials at the site. In a way the mission behind the University of the People is not just to provide free content to anyone with a computer connected to the web, but also it is a movement and an idea that higher education should be free and available to anyone without restrictions or prejudice to a race, nationality, financial status, gender or age. It is all about equality and bringing the power of education to ordinary people.

7. Academic Earth

On this website you will find free courses on many topics from the best Universities around the world. You can study about Accounting, business, management, marketing, psychology, education and many more. All of these courses are provided for free from acclaimed Universities such as the Stanford University, MIT, Harvard and many more. Join the forums and ask help on any topic you are studying, meet friends from all over the world and remember that only after thorough discussion and question of the things that surround us can we understand more.

These are the seven best online resources where you can learn almost anything for free, by yourself or with your peers, and all you need is a computer with Internet connection. Learn a particular topic that interests you, test your knowledge through interactive tests and complete tasks successfully, while at the same time have someone asses your work and provide feedback to others.

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