The Benefits of Taking a Gap Year Abroad

The Benefits of Taking a Gap Year Abroad

Every year more and more students are prone to taking a gap year before in the middle or even after their studies, for several or sometimes no obvious reasons. Most of the people start school at the age of six which is quite a long ride if one aims to achieve the degrees needed to specialize in a specific field. The elementary school as means of education intents to provide its pupils with general knowledge starting  from the basic concepts of numbers and letters to the identity issues, humans and what they’re made of, our surroundings and its people, the customs, culture and morals and the similarity and diversity among ourselves and the others.

Once these subjects are cleared, in High School we elaborate separately the structure of every previously mentioned notion figuring out its course of development from what we know about its genesis.  By comparing all the data provided to us by master minds and success stories through books, lectures, media, religion and liberal arts of us it’s expected to come up with our social and professional identity and start giving it shape in a definite direction.

To be asked at only 18 what will come out of you respectively what will you be doing for the rest of your life is an unbearable burden for most of the teens nowadays, having never worked in their lives or done anything except gone to school every day and indulged themselves into fun activities afterwards. The older one gets the more ones dreams change, they fade with time sounding immature and naïve which makes the process of choosing a profession confusing and ambiguous.

The benefits of taking a gap year whenever you are having doubts over choosing something this important and vital for your future carrier are indisputable.

Take some time to reflect on your role in the society.

When we are young most of the girls want to be singers and dancers while the boys want to play football or fly planes. For some this isn’t just a childhood dream so as they grow up they pursue it to become really that. For others the scenario changes every year as they grow, making it impossible to decide which way to go next. Some people don’t even bother thinking they just go with the flow waiting what life will bring however nobody can escape the conversations of the various decision making personas in your head. Therefore the moment you start having the symptoms, stop and reflect there is none chasing after you or your success.

There is a world out there, outside your own yard.

The world is so big and powerful it can sometimes intimidate you. Fortunately there are others just like you reaching for some sense of belongingness. Traveling during this time off, exploring different environments its people and their cultures broadens your horizons teaching you to think outside the box and outside your comfort zone. Also the alone experience , the struggles and huge responsibility for your well-being and your acts will help you realize that no matter how alone we are in this world there is a role to it, a task waiting for us to unravel. Freedom comes with a lot of sacrifice and what better way to learn that than through a year living away from your loved ones. Different doesn’t mean better or worse it’s just different, a short line which most of the world pretends not to understand or simply ignore.

Working gets one used to the routine

While you are out there as a nomad preparing spiritually for whatever comes next in your life, some working experience won’t do any harm. Fetch a job, any kind of job regardless if you get paid or not, volunteer for a cause you believe in. Working will help you improve the basic skills any job requires i.e.

  • Organizing
  • Punctuality
  • Prioritizing
  • Decision making
  • Listening and understanding
  • Determination
  • Motivation

Meanwhile you are helping in building a plateau for something you genuine believe in concomitantly you help yourself to become the person you want to be.

The major life decisions as such have to lead a natural course under as less pressure possible, fun and insightful leaving no room for regret.

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