9 Tips on How to Prepare Yourself for University

9 Tips on How to Prepare Yourself for University

The University years feel like opening a new chapter in the book of your life. Students- to- be are overly excited about the future changes and challenges waiting to be accomplished by them. Post adolescence is a critical age, a bit naïve yet optimistic and open to new perspectives. People tend to choose studying far away from home, in a new environment as an excuse to mature and take full responsibility over their acts.

The majority is convinced that by now they’ve grown up and feel fully prepared for the task of living and studying in foreign lands. The chance to start from scratch, away from mum and dad and in complete control over you freedom, setting your own limits and boundaries is bold however at times it might get scary.

University for most people is the stairway towards whatever they want to become of themselves; shaping our social identity it’s the key to the doors of success and welfare. Not everybody, when entering as a freshman, is sure of what he/she will become in the future. And there lays the beauty of college, it is there to prepare and guide you to understanding yourself better while it exposes your talents.

To make your life easier and uncomplicated it’s wise to do some preparing before you’re off to a new start.

Download the Syllabus

First things first, set your priorities. You are here to study therefore get any information you can on the school, the professors, types of classes and standard requirements. Downloading the syllabus of the classes you’ll be having in the first semester might help you out on finding all the appropriate books and materials you’ll need. Of course it’s always way cooler to show up at the first lesson  having a clue what the professor will be talking about and not stand there as a plant vegetating.

Create a studying strategy

Once you get an idea on what and how much subject you will need to prepare in the certain amount of time, start sectioning the ones you like to study more and the ones you like less, the ones that are utterly difficult and the ones that don’t need reading.  This way on the dull weekdays you can study for the ones you prefer less, since it’s boring anyways while during crazy weekend you can enjoy the ones you like. The ideal thing that rarely any student applies is spending a couple of hours at the library every day so during the exam week you won’t need pulling all-nighters.

Interconnect with classmates through social media

The moment you get to know who your classmates are, be bold and add them on Facebook, Twitter or whatever medium you’re signed in.  This will show that you are open to new friendships and meeting people, it will reflect self-confidence and it will avoid loneliness and homesickness.  Careful, friends are the family you get to choose therefore they say a lot about you. Have an open mind and give everyone a chance, this is probably the place you will meet the most influential people on your life.

Prepare for a culture chock

As yourself, people from all around the world will probably be students in your University.  After the awkward introduction scenes when the professor narrates this whole thing comes the part where you share stuff with the class in order for everyone to get an idea where you are coming from and why you are here. This in fact is the most amusing part; you’ll be hearing things your own ears will refuse to believe. Progressively this will teach you that the world is bigger than your front yard, and how you see things isn’t necessarily the right way. It’s all a matter of perception.

Come up with a daily budget

Money comes, money goes yet money is everything at this point so careful with it. Having to manage every spent cent is a frustrating task yet one thing is for sure, you don’t want to run out of money in a completely unknown environment. Based on your monthly income, create a daily budget you are allowed to spend to survive the crisis. Learn everything there is to know about the living costs in this region so you have an idea on how much you will be spending. Saving now and then will always be considered welcome.

 Sign up for a physical activity at the campus

Sports are a great means to release some steam. Studying will takes a good part of your life and it’s not always going to be pleasurable. Exams mean stress and stress means trouble with sleeping, eating disorders, lack of motivation and depression. Outdoor activities are the best remedy. Try running for instance; it helps you stay fit, motivated and energetic.

Organize a book club

Organizing a book club is a great idea. Reading is fun indeed yet discussing a book you’ve all read, shedding light and perspective on the mysteries and the parts that need reading between the lines is a treasurable experience. It’s entertaining and insightful and it helps refine your artistic eye.

Get yourself a cookbook

Prepare to be eating the same things over and over, not necessarily healthy meals I reckon.  Hopefully you’ll be staying someplace that has a kitchen and the essential utensils. Cooking for yourself and for friends will be an act of relief, firstly because it’s some sort of a spiritual journey and secondly because you will love how it tastes.

Enjoy you weekend night outs

When at weekends be vigorous. Go out and have fun, alone or with friends there must be something going on outside the school premises. If you live in a really boring town where only ghosts wander after midnight, bring the party at your place. Invite your friends and the friends of your friends over, get some hard liquor and oldschool mixtapes to dance to all night long. Remember you only get the chance to be young once.

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